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Finding a job that is right for you is one of the important challenges you will face in life. Many people find themselves faced with this challenge more often than others.

Some people have no problem at all with job applications and that's great for them. However, for most of us, career choices and searching for a job are serious business- a business we are hardly ever trained for.

Maybe you are one of the people who struggle with this. Welcome to the crowd.
Self Help Career

If you answer any of the following questions with "Yes" then you are in the right place.

Self Help Career will give you tons of information to help you reach your goal of finding a career and the job that is satisfying for you and fulfills your needs.

Answer the following questions:
  • Do you find yourself avoiding friends and family because you are out of a job?

  • Do you find it hard to make ends meet?

  • Are you feeling dull or frustrated with your current job?

  • Do you worry or feel insecure about taking up a new job?

  • Are you surfing the net hoping to find your ideal job-the job that fits you?

  • Do you see friends moving on while you remain stuck with an old job not knowing what to do?

  • Do you feel as if you don't have the right education for the job you long for?

  • Do you feel insecure when you have to phone or talk to someone about a job application?

  • Do you search for simple and effective career choice tools?

  • Do you wonder: Am I presenting myself positively (not downplaying myself) in my CV or resume?
If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then read on. You have come to the right place. We offer you information, templates, exercises, tips, to do lists-examples of the best career management and job application materials available.

To start with Self Help Career:

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Winning Resumes
Winning resumes helps you stand out against the competitive group of other well-qualified professionals who are all vying for a limited number of opportunities.

Career Building
Career building done the classic American way. How can we improve upon it?

Basic Networking Rules
Nine Basic Networking Rules and More Networking Information

Job Search
Tools and information that will make your Job Search much more easy and will help you find your job.

Great Cover Letters
Great Cover Letters. In this section we will provide you with information that enables you to produce great and outstanding cover letters.

Job Interviews
Job Interviews are part of the process in which you are evaluated by an employer for prospective employment in his organization.

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Job Description

Job Descriptions
job descriptions,

Write a Cover Letter
jow to write a cover letter

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Do you...
  • Wish to change jobs?
  • Seek a doable step-by-step plan for landing the job you WANT?
  • Need a plan that will guide you from your current situation to the job you want?
  • Want to learn how to cope with serious career setbacks such as losing your job?
Or do you think about a career or job change in the (near) future?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions then read our limited-time offer for this free 32-page manual. This book will teach you the secrets of the

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This system will guide you through the steps you need to get on the road and to land the job you want as well as a 7 step approach for overcoming job loss.

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